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5iveFingaz will not rest without pressing hard to improve others’ lives. The threatening national climate and the emotional instability many are sharing in common these days has given 5iveFingaz more impetus than ever, sifting through the enormous stream of information and painting late into the night to share and connect with his ever-increasing following. This gallery is convinced that his messages – paintings most often with precise phrases are providing a new hope and guidance helping people to have something that’s not damaging and worth focusing on.

The bottom line is this, FiveFingaz is all about his ART, the individuals who view it, and the positive effects it can have. Yet, what is clear is 5iveFingaz’ unrelenting exploration of his mind in search for simplification of truth and meaningfulness that is universal to all humans. He feels a tremendous sense of responsibility to humanity, and we believe he is succeeding in making an impact that is pleasing. It is the universal urge of humanity who is sick and tired and #morereadythanever for peace love and positive change.

Born and raised in Norwalk, 5iveFingaz continues to call this city his home.

Having been on the receiving end of some timely genuine kindness while attending Norwalk High School some years back, Mr. 5iveFingaz established a scholarship fund where annually selected students at Brien McMahon HS (and soon Norwalk High) will receive scholarship awards based on their “kindness, love and leadership.” This began initially through him putting his own money in, but has transformed into a movement that has inspired others to join him in donating.

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